Shore Line Recall

Boston Harbor Islands Artist in Residence

During July and August of 2018 I’m honored to serve as artist in residence for two weeks on the Boston Harbor Islands, conducting a participatory art project called Shore Line Recall. The residency is sponsored by Boston Harbor Now, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation, and the National Parks Service.

In Shore Line Recall, visitors to Boston Harbor’s public beaches and islands are invited to join me in recording — with pen, pencil, paper — their experiences, impressions, and memories of the Harbor’s lowest-lying areas. These sections of land are in danger of vanishing with the rise in sea-level caused by climate change. On each day of the residency I will visit a different vulnerable spot, and will set up the Human Nature Field Desk, a portable, weather-resistant writing station. At the desk the visiting public are invited and supported to create drawings and writings to capture their impressions of the area. I’ll then bind these contributions into an archival volume to serve as a record of future places long-gone, and will present it to the City of Boston to be preserved at the Boston Public Library.

Shore Line Recall at Houghs Neck Nut Island, Quincy, MA - Freedom Baird

Shore Line Recall will take place on days in July and August. The schedule below shows where & when. The public is wholeheartedly welcome to visit and participate!


BEACHES – Accessible by car

Day & Date Time Location
Sat July 21 3-7pm Houghs Neck, Nut Island, Quincy, on the pier
Sun July 22 3-7pm Webb Memorial State Park, Weymouth, in the narrow marsh area between the northern and western drumlins
Sun July 29 12-4pm World’s End, Hingham, on the narrow spit of land between the two main drumlins
Mon July 30 7-8:30pm Upstream Downstream – Boston Harbor Now Arts & Culture Boat Cruise, An evening boat cruise through Boston Harbor, making connections across cultures and communities and celebrating the many forms of artistic expression along the waterways that flow into the Harbor. This free boat ride will feature music, performance, poetry, and participatory visual art, showcasing intergenerational and diverse expressions. Meet the Boston Harbor Artists in Residence and learn about their projects, and an all-star lineup of poets, visual artists, musicians, and dancers.
Sun Aug 5 3-7pm Deer Island, Winthrop, at the intersection of Taft Avenue and the Deer Island Loop Trail

ISLANDS – Accessible by boat! – here’s the ferry schedule, different on weekdays and weekends  
NOTE: to find me on each island, look for a note & map posted on the pier when you dock, which will show my location that day

NOTE: due to Saturday weather, the George’s Island Open Studios has been moved to Sunday!

Day & Date Time Location
Sun Aug 19 12:30-4:30pm Georges Island, Boston Harbor. This is also an Open Studios day for Shore Line Recall by Freedom Baird and From the Harbor Freedom Sings by Kera Washington from 2pm to 4:30pm, on Georges Island!
Tues Aug 21 12:30pm-4:30pm Peddocks Island, Boston Harbor. I’ll be on the narrow spit of land between the western and middle drumlins, just north of the marsh.
Weds Aug 22 11am-3pm Lovells Island, Boston Harbor. Look for a note & map posted on the pier when you dock, which will show my location
Thurs Aug 23 10am-2pm Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor. Look for a note & map posted on the pier when you dock, which will show my location
Fri Aug 24 10am-1pm Bumpkin Island, Boston Harbor. Look for a note & map posted on the pier when you dock, which will show my location